Backstage Update On Vince McMahon’s WWE Creative Influence

As previously reported, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly left his “fingerprints” all over Monday’s Money In the Bank go-home edition of WWE RAW, as he has done with recent RAW and SmackDown episodes since WrestleMania 39. Vince recently stated that he would have at least some say in WWE creative in the future.

According to a new report from PWInsider, while McMahon has been remotely influencing WWE creative since WrestleMania, some in WWE believe McMahon’s influence will grow in the coming weeks and months as the Endeavor acquisition becomes a reality.

Furthermore, Fightful Select reports that, while advertised matches have been dropped from recent WWE shows, McMahon is known to make good on advertised matches whenever possible, even if they were not his idea. There are some exceptions, but in general, if a match or segment is advertised, they try to see it through.

It was also suggested that officials were attempting to “Vince proof” some creative plans by advertising them two to three weeks in advance, as we saw on SmackDown this month.

Concerning last week’s RAW and SmackDown changes, it was noted that there was a great deal of dissatisfaction at almost every level of WWE.