Bayley Says She’s Begging Sasha Banks To Return To WWE

Mercedes Mone and Naomi left WWE a year ago due to creative differences with Vince McMahon.

She was used as a top star after she was released from WWE and went to NJPW/Stardom. Mone has gone on record saying that she once thought WWE was the big time, and she did that, so now she wants to make new history in NJPW.

Bayley, a longtime and close friend of Mone, was asked if she thinks Mone will return to WWE while speaking on The Gorilla Position. She revealed that she has pushed for this at every opportunity.

“I beg her every day. It doesn’t matter where it is or it doesn’t matter how it happens, I would love to one day step back in the ring with her. Whether it’s teaming with her, whether it’s against her. Right now, I just want whatever she needs to accomplish her dreams, accomplish her goals. I’m just happy to see her happy.”

Bayley also addressed the belief among some fans that WWE isn’t doing enough for her.

“Well, he said it. I could be, I could be on a little more posters that could be me instead of Seth Rollins right there. But to me, I guess it’s more of I can’t worry about all that. I kind of have to do what feels good in my heart and what I feel proud of, which right now is damage control. I’m really proud that I’ve been able to bring that to fruition and be able to be a part of their big moments. WrestleMania wrestling legends. Two-time Women’s Tag Team Champions, IYO SKY being in this match for her first time, things like that is rewarding to me whether they like to see it or not. How much of an asset I am? It’s fine.”

Mone and Bayley have shared the ring several times, whether in NXT or the main roster, and either against or as a tag team. They shared the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships twice.

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