Booker T: ‘I Would Hope To Keep Bron Breakker In NXT For Just One More Year’

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke on his podcast, “the Hall of Fame,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including his thoughts about the injury to Wes Lee, who was scheduled to wrestle North American Champion at Deadline:

“You could feel his pain. You could tell he loves this. To be away from that ring is something that’s going to hurt him really, really bad. It looks like he’s going to be away from it for about eight to 12 months. He’s going to have to have back surgery. One thing about that back surgery thing and this is one of those touch and go situations. I hope and pray for Wes Lee to come back fully 100% because he is an amazing talent, one of the best that I’ve seen in NXT, not just in NXT, but in this business in general.”

“I said when I first got to NXT I was definitely not a huge fan of Wes Lee or anything like that. I wasn’t a believer. I just thought he was one of these flippy guys and then he showed me he wasn’t just a flippy guy. He could fight. He was a warrior. He was somebody that was gonna go in there and make you feel something. That’s what I always talk about in this business. If you can make me feel something man, I’m buying in and that kid week in and week out, no matter who he was working against, no matter how big or how small the guy was, it was an incredible, incredible match. So I just want to say hopefully Wes Lee gets back 100%. I’m praying for you, but definitely he’s gonna be missed for the next eight to 12.”

When he thinks Bron Breakker will go the main roster:

“I’ve actually watched the maturity of Bron Breakker over this last year, how this kid has grown. When I see Bron Breakker, when Brown Breakker comes out, for some reason, it has a real feel to it. When he’s in the ring bringing the noise, it feels real. When he delivers, it feels real. So I love the growth of Bron Breakker. As far as him going to the main roster and when do I perceive him actually making it to the main roster? I think it’s going to be within the next year. Let’s just say that. I would hope we will keep him for at least one more year. Let’s just say that. I would hope to keep Bron Breakker in NXT for just one more year.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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