Booker T Shares His Memories From Past WWE Royal Rumble Matches

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Booker T has been around the block a time-or-two.

With this year’s WWE Royal Rumble coming up this Saturday, the two-time WWE Hall of Fame legend and WWE NXT commentator reflected back on his Royal Rumble match memories on his latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast.

“You know, the only thing I remember about the Rumble, man, is I never won one,” he said. “I’m serious. As I knew, I was never placed to win the Royal Rumble. It wasn’t something that was really really significant for me to remember. Because I was always working for the other guy, I was never really working for myself, and just being a player, a lot of matches, I was never able to sail a match. You know, I mean a lot of matches. You know, I just never thought about winning.”

He continued, “That just wasn’t my route to the championships, always in the square circle, always one-on-one for me or in a tag team perspective as well as web one. My titles, to be glad, are matches. You’re going to have money in the bank. You know, I’ve never wanted money in the bank. I was never touted or figured it had to win the Money in the Bank, and it just slipped through my hands or anything. And the thing is, I never wanted to win a match like that because I knew what I was gonna have to go through. It’s a lot of pain involved in a lot of those matches. So, for me, I tried to stay away from the more painful type matches.”

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