Bronson Reed Wins The 2024 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The 2024 Andre The Giant memorial battle royal took place on this week’s WWE SmackDown in Philadelphia. The wrestlers who received entrances were Bronson Reed, Ricochet, and Omos.

Pretty Deadly begged everyone to help them eliminate Omos, but no one did. Omos quickly eliminated Kit Wilson, and then Elton Prince eliminated himself. As the first commercial break approached, Omos maintained his lead. During the break, Omos eliminated himself while defeating the Creed Brothers.

Reed, Ivar, and Otis had a “Meatmania” moment together. Reed and Ivar ended up colliding with one another. JD McDonagh eliminated Ricochet but was later superkicked out of the ring by Tozawa. Reed and Ivar both took down Tozawa at the same time. Ivar and Tozawa were then eliminated, leaving Reed and Ivar as the final two. Reed avoided Ivar’s Doomsault and eliminated him to win the match.

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