Busted Open Radio Crew Speculate Why Tony Khan Stopped Appearing On The Show

Dave Lagreca recently appeared on Konnan’s “Keepin’ It 100” podcast. Lagreca, Konnan, and Disco Inferno shared their thoughts (both positive and negative) on the AEW product.

Tony Khan used to appear on Busted Open Radio every Wednesday to promote AEW Dynamite, but he hasn’t been on in months. Lagreca was asked if he knew why Khan was no longer appearing on his show.

“I don’t know why,” Lagreca said. “We did a weekly spot. For over a year, he was coming on every week. I thought it was a great relationship and the fact that we were getting an owner and president of a major company on. And then we’re also giving 30 minutes of airtime to promote the show for that night. So I thought it was a great relationship. I thought we were very respectful. I don’t think that’s the reason why. I can honestly say I don’t know the reason why he stopped doing it. I would love for him to come back on.”

Konnan said, “I once saw a [Busted Open] show where Tommy Dreamer was constructively criticizing something on the show.” Konnan added, “He thinks everything is a personal attack.”

Lagreca went on to say that AEW has recently done a better job with the women’s storylines. Konnan disagreed, claiming that the problems had been going on for years. They also discussed WWE’s women’s division and the issues surrounding its promotion. Konnan complimented Nia Jax, saying “She’s been great” since her return.

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)