Cody Rhodes Teases Getting A Wrestling Manager To Join Him During His Title Reign

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes appeared on Busted Open Radio today to discuss his upcoming match against Logan Paul at WWE King and Queen of the Ring. Rhodes also revealed in the interview that he learned about the plans for The Rock vs. Roman Reigns on the day of the Royal Rumble.

Dave Lagreca discussed The Rock’s role in the build to WrestleMania. He asked Rhodes what it was like to see the fans turn against Rock because they were so invested in his story.

Rhodes said, “I often, at the Nightmare Factory, try to explain the term ‘over’ to the students or at least my definition of it, at least how it was described to me and how I was trained. I use The Rock and I use John Cena, Roman Reigns as examples of people that have actually gotten over. They can’t leave their house without causing a scene. They move more than a thousand tickets in just a host of them being there. If you look at some of these metrics, you can truly find out that person is a draw or that person is over. I’ve never considered myself anything like that. I like when people build you up and say nice things to you but I never considered myself that in an honest fashion. So for him to come back the most popular sports entertainer of all time [and] one of the most recognizable people on planet Earth and beloved worldwide. For him to come back and people make the choice to boo him and people make the choice to even chant ‘Rocky sucks’ and people wearing Rock shirts that were chanting ‘Rocky sucks.’ It’s the first time I’ve ever felt my place in the ring and realized, oh I might be getting close to where I wanna be. I might have clicked and connected with this audience that I think I’ve connected with. I might have clicked and connected with them more than I even realized. Again, you don’t just think of how great this is and how exciting and how happy this is. The first thing I think of is okay, how can I pay them back? 4 am in the airport, here they are. You’re not gonna get a no from me because I feel like I owe everything to the wrestling fan. You’re never gonna have me not look you in the eye. I’m never gonna not shake your hand. It’s really truly a rare connection I guess to find and it took me a really long time to find it so I’m just blessed that that happened. There was a blanket text that went out when everybody was messaging me after WrestleMania 40 and I just said I’m lucky. I’m lucky, I’m incredibly lucky and I do feel that way. Yes, Bully is right. There’s a little ego underneath it all. There’s a different feeling than just feeling lucky. But the predominant feeling is grateful and lucky.”

Bully Ray stated that while it is nice to have an ego, being humble does not sell tickets. Bully asked whether Cody feels like he’s firing on all cylinders or if there is an aspect of his game that he believes he should highlight.

Rhodes said, “I look in the mirror and I kind of tell myself the same thing. It used to [say] hey, wake up and be the best wrestler in the world. That was just what I would say in my head. Now it’s be the best champion in the world today. I do feel like we’re hitting on all cylinders.” He continued, “The team I have on the road, there’s some incredible people who help prop me up. I’ll give flowers to John Cone who helped put me in the right rooms. Nick Khan has been such an exceptional leader. Clearly, Triple H and I have a really unique player-coach relationship that I would have never anticipated him calling the plays and me being able to run them. I do feel like I’m hitting on all cylinders but it’s just like your high school football coach, even when you were younger. Just like a coach would tell you, there’s always somebody out there who’s perhaps getting up 5 minutes earlier. Who is perhaps doing a couple extra reps on the bench. I have seen footage from the Problem Child Gym that Logan Paul and his brother train at and you can’t sleep on that type of athlete that he is. Especially because I don’t think people know Logan has a folkstyle wrestling background. I was looking into this guy knowing if a fight broke out at the TV hotel bar, shockingly he’d probably be one of the guys to win. He’s the type that I know they’re out there. The ones that are hungry. The ones that are waking up and wanting it and I just want to want it more than them.”

Mark Henry told Rhodes not to apologize for being great and that there is no such thing as luck because he earned his success. Henry advised Cody to embrace the fact that he is great.

Rhodes said, “Mark I feel it and I’ll tell you this. One of the reasons I liked having Arn Anderson around was the same reason I would have loved to have my dad around me. Because I’ll tell you I’m lucky and I’ll tell you how hard I work. I’ll tell you how grateful I am and that is true but it was nice to have a guy over my shoulder say what you just said and say we’re not apologizing for greatness where mediocrity loves company and we’re not joining that company. It was nice to have that voice in your ear. It was something I missed when Logan and I were doing this contract signing to see him flanked by so many people. I don’t know. Maybe I’m looking for the classic wrestling manager to join me on this title reign. I don’t know who that is or what that is but it just felt like I wouldn’t mind someone to holler the stuff that you just did.”

Rhodes will defend his title this Saturday against Logan Paul.

WWE King and Queen of the Ring will stream live on Peacock.