Cody Rhodes Was Aware Ahead Of Time That CM Punk Would Return To WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

On The MMA Hour, Cody Rhodes was asked if he was aware that CM Punk would be making a return to WWE at the Survivor Series PLE in 2023.

Rhodes responded, “Nick [Khan] and Hunter (Triple H) both told me, got my opinion. I was ready going into WarGames. For him to come out and return in that fashion, I was really happy for him.”

“I feel like both Nick and Hunter have their finger on the pulse. Even if there was some bad business is the past. I mentioned the things that I had said. Nick, for me, he looked at me and explained to WWE and management, ‘Here is what Cody is and what he can do for us.’ I think he did the same, looking at it from my perspective, WWE in this era as hot as it’s ever been, why wouldn’t we want CM Punk? I got to share that moment at Royal Rumble with CM Punk, one of the most important superstars of my generation, I got to throw him out. I think he’s a great addition to the locker room. I feel terrible he tore his tricep. He has a whole run ahead of him. He’s been wonderful since he came back.”

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