Conflicting Reports On The Legitimacy Of Ivar’s Injury

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Earlier this week, WWE revealed that Ivar of The Viking Raiders will be sidelined “indefinitely” due to an injury. According to Dave Meltzer of’s weekly Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “Ivar was announced as being injured from an attack by Gallus. He’s just being given time off because he’s been working so hard of late but it’s nothing serious and just an angle.”

However, it looks that Ivar sustained a legitimate injury. reported, “Regarding reports that Ivar’s injury is a work, we’re told that isn’t true whatsoever. The severity of the injury isn’t known as of yet, but we’re told Ivar has long wrestled as if he’s on borrowed time after his double fusion surgery.”

Furthermore, Andrews Sports Medicine announced on Twitter/X that Ivar will work with them to overcome a spinal injury.