Damian Priest Discusses The WWE Tag Team Championships Being Taken More Seriously

Damian Priest recently sat down with Kenny McIntosh from Inside The Ropes and discussed a divisive WWE match that he loved being a part of and the Tag Team Championships being elevated in importance in the past year.

Priest discussed the Zombie Lumberjack match match that he was a part of that received heavy criticism from WWE fans. Aware that traditionalists were not pleased with what they saw, Priest remains proud of what was accomplished on that night:

“I get it. I sympathise with the purists who were like, This is not what we want to see. And I get it. But sometimes it enhances everything else that much more. You see that and then you see a great match that follows right after, it enhances that match even more. So there’s different ways to look at it. And I’m proud that we did that.”

Priest, who is one-half of the Undisputed Tag Team Champions alongside Finn Balor, discussed his dominant run as champion. Additionally, Priest admitted that there was a time when the titles were not taken seriously but now there is more significance to holding the titles in the modern era, especially as WrestleMania approaches.

“I think it goes without saying that, unfortunately, there was a time where the tag team titles fell off a little bit and they weren’t as important as they should be. Then, obviously, the focus came back: WrestleMania main event [for the] tag team titles? That’s a wild one, no one could have predicted that the tag team championships would be the main event of one of the nights of WrestleMania. So that tells you everything you need to know as far as where they are now as far as importance.”

“Especially during Mania season, knowing that being a tag team champion going into WrestleMania, you know you’re gonna be in a high profile angle or match or just something. All we want to do is do something important and having the Tag Team Championships, we’re there. So it makes life a little easier.”