Dax Harwood Reacts To Claims That FTR Has Been Wrestling Against “Nobody” Tag Teams In AEW

(Photo Credit: AEW)

FTR has been working with lower card tag teams on AEW television in recent weeks, including the Workhorsemen and Iron Savages. Some fans criticized the matches, prompting Dax Harwood to write the following:

“I saw a lot of people ask ‘why are they wrestling these nobody teams?!’ or ‘ANOTHER open challenge?!’. The reason we’re wrestling these ‘nobodies’ is so they’re somebodies when FTR isn’t here anymore.”

Harwood also responded to YouTuber “JD From NY” after JD suggested that AEW “stop allowing their talents to drop each other on their f*cking heads” in matches. Harwood’s response was as follows:

“Hey JD. Would you mind explaining psychology to me? Bret [Hart] texts me often praising my work & ‘psychology’, but maybe you have a better understanding? Maybe I need a refresher course? Pls help 🙏🏼”