Dijak On The “Lack Of Communication” During His Time With Retribution In WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Now that his WWE contract has expired, Dijak gave some reflections on his time with the company during an interview with Fightful.com. Dijak said the following about being part of Retribution as T-Bar:

“Visually, it was crazy. They put a thumbnail on YouTube and it’s 20 ski mask guys surrounding Braun Strowman and it would get 40 million views. Obviously, unanimously, it was despised. Everyone hated it,” he said. “We talk about how, with the exception of Ali, our biggest impact on the world in terms of anything is that stuff. That’s the most anyone has seen of us as an entity and no one will never know it was us or give a shit that it was us, and it’s unanimous despised. It’s just funny that millions saw it, laughed at it, and moved on. It’s such a fleeting and unimpactful thing. Those numbers became part of my pitch to Vince [McMahon] because he was doing the contracts. I don’t want to talk too much about money and details and what the structures were of contracts that time. They were trying to bring me especially up into a contract situation that didn’t make sense. There was a lack of communication in talent relations departments at that point. I think it’s a lot better now. Not perfect, but a lot better now.

“At that point, there was a real internal lack of communication. I was trying to explain that to them, and they did not like that. There was some, I wouldn’t call them threats, but I was strongly encouraged to stop doing that. Indirectly. Through booking decisions. Through meetings I was part of. Through other people brought to television as potential replacements. None of this was told directly to me, but it was made apparent to me, ‘You need to shut your mouth and accept what we’re giving you or you’re out of here.’ Again, that wasn’t said to me, but the general tone was felt on my part. I was very much pressured into signing a contract that I wasn’t terribly comfortable signing.”

You can check out the full interview below: