Dominik Mysterio Predicts Rhea Ripley Will Soon Go After Men’s WWE Titles

Rhea Ripley has little left to accomplish in the women’s division in WWE.

That’s why Dom-Dom thinks she will soon set her sights on the men’s divisions.

“Dirty” Dom recently spoke with Metro U.K. for an interview, during which he spoke about how he could see “Mami” soon going after the men’s titles in WWE.

“Even though she’s 26 years old, she has 10-plus years of experience,” he said. “She’s done so much, accomplished so much, she’s held every title in WWE and she’s only 26. I give her another two years before she takes over all the men’s titles, it’s only a matter for time.”

Dom also spoke during the interview about joining Ripley in The Judgment Day faction and how he has learned a lot working with the group.

“Even with Priest and Finn and Rhea – especially Rhea,” he said. “They taught me how to just go out there and be a menace to these people, and just have them not like me. Rhea with these kids, you know, she’s teaching me how to be menacing to these kids. I can’t thank her enough. I think she’s really the one that helped me come out of my turtle shell and just enjoy and have fun with them. Our chemistry’s growing week to week, we’re getting more comfortable with each other. It’s only getting better man.”

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