Drew Gulak Called A Bully In NXT, Reportedly Reprimanded By Shawn Michaels

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As PWMania.com previously reported, WWE made another round of talent cuts on Friday, releasing notable names such as Gable Steveson and Drew Gulak.

Gulak has recently made headlines after Ronda Rousey accused him of inappropriate behavior while she was backstage at a WWE event. He was later removed from television. Triple H stated at the Backlash France press conference that Gulak was not released, but his contract was not renewed.

According to Fightful Select, Gulak is still with the company, but he was informed that his contract, which expires next month, would not be renewed. Regarding the Rousey allegation, it was stated that NXT believes Gulak’s public response to Rousey’s claim exacerbated the situation but was not the final straw in deciding not to bring him back.

According to members of NXT, “Gulak was a ‘bully’ who would often target injuries during matches with talent that were recovering from minor injuries at the time.” One talent who worked with Gulak claimed that during their match, Gulak purposefully re-dislocated a previously dislocated finger, while another claimed Gulak intimidated talent into not reporting the incidents.

The report stated, “Fightful learned about an incident during an NXT taping last year where Gulak was verbally reprimanded by Shawn Michaels and NXT coaches for intentionally spiking an opponent during a match.”

One NXT talent who worked with Gulak described him as “odd” because he would frequently “test” talent to see how they would react to him as a bully.