Eric Bischoff On Whether Nick Khan Is The Most Significant Hire In WWE History

WWE Hall of Famer and former WCW President Eric Bischoff took to an episode of his Strictly Business podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including whether WWE President Nick Khan is the most significant hire in company history after they were able to land huge deals.

Bischoff said, “Yeah, I think that’s a very safe statement. I mean, he’s done an amazing job. He’s a big thinker. He’s got the relationships and made it work. You know, it’s one thing to have great ideas. It’s another thing to have great relationships. But when you’ve got vision, like Nick, Khan clearly has experience like Nick constantly has. And you’ve got the relationships and the credibility in the entertainment industry to the level that Nick Khan has. And now, Ari Emanuel, why don’t we do one of the things that we talked about when the whole endeavor, you know, TKO WWE thing happens secondary, what, what’s the potential for that? What can happen with that? We talked about synergy, and it’s a word that I very rarely use because it’s overused and misused. So often, much like existential, like I want to slap anybody that said, uses the term existential in the sense and really doesn’t know how to use the term or what it means. But synergy is another one of those words in the business industry that everybody aspires to, everybody talks about, everybody has a plan for, and it goes against human nature. Right? Generally speaking, people are territorial by nature, and that extends into the business world as well. That’s why I used to say that AOL Time Warner Turner happened. It was easier for me to get the guy by the name of Peter Guber, who was a former chairman of Sony Pictures, on the phone than it was for me to get a phone call. We turned to someone within Turner Broadcasting that I needed to talk to. That’s an example of the theory of synergy, but it doesn’t really work. But with a guy like Nick Cohn now and his relationships in the WWE opportunity, I see so much synergy, licensing, merchandising, and international growth. Now, with this Netflix deal, all of this feeds into massive amounts of expansion. It has got to be so exciting to be in the halls of WWE right now. It’s got to be.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.