Footage Of Ric Flair Incident At Restaurant In Florida

Footage of an incident involving Ric Flair has surfaced after the legendary wrestler claimed on Sunday via Twitter that he was ejected from Piesanos in Florida after a $1500 meal.

The wrestling legend claimed that he was asked to leave after a disagreement with the kitchen manager. He claimed that the manager was spending too much time in the bathroom. You can view the tweet here:

Jerry Roberts, co-owner of Piesanos, told The Gainesville Sun that he asked the WWE Hall of Famer to leave the establishment.

“We reviewed video of the incident that occurred recently at our restaurant. It is clear that our team worked professionally to ensure the safety of guests and employees. We thanked our team members for their professionalism. We are proud of how they responded to this situation by demonstrating our team values.”

As seen below, Flair insulted a man while insisting that he did nothing wrong and denied using any cuss words. He offered a woman a $1,000 tip if she said to the man, “Kiss my a**.”

Flair instructed the man to ask him to leave, which the man did. The man stated that he was going to stop Flair from drinking alcohol. Flair instructed the lady to leave herself a $1,000 tip. Flair said he was fine with everyone except the man he was conversing with, whom he called a dips**t. Flair stated that he would not return and referred to him as a “p**sy.” Another person spoke with Flair.