Former WWE Star Says Vince McMahon Made Advances To Jackie Gayda But She Turned Him Down

Following the allegations against the former WWE CEO and Chairman, Vince McMahon has continued to make headlines.

A lawsuit claimed that McMahon was involved in a sex trafficking and abuse scandal involving Janel Grant, a former WWE employee. The lawsuit also named the company and its former executive, John Laurnatis.

Prosecutors in New York are investigating the allegations after speaking with women who accused the former WWE CEO. There were also previously unknown allegations made by the late Ashley Massaro against McMahon, which were recently revealed.

During his Cafe De Rene With Rene Dupree podcast, the former WWE star claimed that Jackie Gayda turned down McMahon’s advances, causing her career to suffer as a result.

Gayda worked for WWE from 2002 until 2005. She married Charlie Haas in 2005, and they had four children before getting divorced in 2020.

Dupree said, “You remember when we had Charlie Haas on here, and he told a story about how Johnny Ace [Laurnatis] fired him and Jackie the day they got back from their honeymoon? Well, let’s just say Vince also made a pass at Jackie, which she declined. And you see what happened once herand Charlie got married. If you listen to this story, it seems like if you don’t put Vince over and you don’t boost his ego, he gets mad at you and takes it out on your career.”

You can check out a clip from the podcast below:

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