Gia Miller Reveals She Has Signed A New Deal With TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling backstage interviewer Gia Miller recently spoke with Denise Salcedo about a number of topics, including how she has re-signed with the promotion and will be sticking around for the next three years.

Miller said, “Not only is it the place that has raised me and has grown me so much from literally nothing, it is such an incredible place to work.” “The people that are involved in that company that you see on-screen and then that you don’t see on-screen are all so great and really have become my family. I want to stay there until the wheels fall off, baby.”

On how grateful she is to be with TNA:

“I’m so grateful that as things change and as things grow, we became TNA. It’s a whole new era and they want me to still be a part of this whole new era. We’re constantly growing and constantly getting bigger and better, and the fact that they want me around for that…I have even had people say, you know, you have been a part of that, a part of that process. It’s not lost on me how major that is.”

Here is TNA’s official press release:

TNA Wrestling Re-Signs Gia Miller

Brings Experience & Deep Wrestling Knowledge To Her Role As Lead Backstage Interviewer

TNA Wrestling confirmed today it has re-signed popular announcer Gia Miller to a multi-year contract.

The always-smiling announcer and backstage interviewer has worked in pro wrestling since 2019 and the past four years for TNA.

She sits ringside with Tom Hannifan, offering her unique insight to Xplosion matches, with a new episode of Xplosion premiering every Friday exclusively for TNA+ subscribers, then for free on YouTube the following Tuesday.

Getting To Know … Gia Miller

  • Attended the same school and even played basketball on the same court as Britney Spears: Parklane Academy Pioneers.
  • Worked two jobs while attending the University of Alabama. She managed a restaurant that was near the football stadium and on fraternity row. She also was a carpenter and welder for the theatre department and Brevard Opera Institute. 
  • Her mother, Shonda, intentionally gave her a name that would spell out G.L.A.M. with her initials. “Being glamorous is my birthright,” Gia said.
  • As a kid, she rescued a duck from a neighbor because of improper care. “I nursed it back to health with a straw and, more importantly, spite,” she said.
  • Has made many entrance and ring-gear pieces for the stars of TNA Wrestling, most notably the custom cowboy hats worn by Mickie James during The Last Rodeo run.
  • Was one of the masked dancers during Mia Yim’s entrances during her most recent time in TNA.
  • Admittedly is afraid of moderate heights. “Put me on a skyscraper? I’m totally cool. On top of a bar? Yeah, I’m fine. The roof of a house? The top of Ultimate X? Nope! Let’s just say, you can count me out of anything Jeff Hardy has ever done in his extremely rad career,” Gia said.
  • “My family’s go-to game for fun was always charades. Sometimes, we played a special version of only wrestler’s entrances with no music,” she said.
  • In 4th grade, she gave the entire school a solo pre-game performance during a rain delay by flopping around like Shamu in a puddle on the 50 yard-line. “I think my mom knew then that I was destined to be a performer,” Gia said.
  • She lived in a haunted house. “The ghost and I were pretty tight,” Gia said.
  • “If there was ever a survival situation in which I needed to quote an entire scene perfectly, I’m fully confident I would survive with ‘The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia’ scene from Designing Women,” Gia said.
  • “It’s my dream to wear something that was worn by Dolly Parton,” Gia said. “She is truly my inspiration. I hope to one day be at least half of the kind, beautiful, intelligent and hilarious woman that she is. We could all benefit from being a little more like Dolly.”

The stars of TNA Wrestling return to the ring on Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21, when the company makes its return Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the first time since 2011.

Slammiversary is set for Saturday, July 20, at Verdun Auditorium. Slammiversary is one of the biggest events of the year for TNA Wrestling – a showcase event that, in 2024, will celebrate the company’s 22nd year. Slammiversary will air live around the world on pay-per-view with every TNA championship on the line. 

On Sunday, July 21, the TNA television trucks will be in Montreal to capture all the in-ring action for upcoming episodes of the company’s flagship weekly TV show, iMPACT!, which airs at 8 p.m. EDT every Thursday (AXS TV in the U.S., Fight Network in Canada).

You can check out Miller’s comments in the video below.