Giulia Expected To Surpass What Asuka Achieved In WWE NXT

International wrestling star Giulia was spotted at ringside alongside William Regal at the 2024 WWE NXT Stand and Deliver PLE event. According to, Giulia has the potential for success in WWE NXT.

“Those in NXT that we spoke to continue to push that Giulia will be presented as the female face of the brand upon her arrival, with one source expecting her to surpass what Asuka achieved in NXT during her run.”

As previously reported, Giulia fractured her wrist during Marigold’s inaugural show, Marigold Fields Forever, on May 20th at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall. Despite her injury, WWE is reportedly planning an NXT Women’s title match between Giulia and champion Roxanne Perez at NXT Heatwave on July 7th in Toronto, Canada.

Corey Brennan of Fightful also stated, “Those I’ve spoken to in Japan believe that she will begin in NXT as an attraction before officially starting when they announce the next PC class. She will continue to work Marigold simultaneously with WWE. Before her injury, it was the TARGET by WWE, but was dependent on Giulia’s Marigold dates. It still is. When I asked about Visa issues, I was told the same thing about Heatwave taking place in Canada.”