Hall Of Famer On What Ricochet Should Have Said To WWE Management

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry reflected on Ricochet’s time with WWE while speaking on Busted Open Radio.

Henry stated that Ricochet should have said the following to management:

“He can very easily be put in the shadow of people because Ricochet is a good guy. He’s very professional, and he also don’t like confrontation and making waves. The squeaky wheel [gets the grease], he is not the squeaky wheel, and if there was ever a case for him to be one, I could point out about three times that he should have said, ‘No, I’m not f**king losing to him. If he can beat me up, then, yeah, but no. I’ve been doing business and you’re all going to kill me off.’ I would have told them, ‘You’re going to kill me off.’”

As previously noted, Ricochet has seemingly been written out of WWE storylines in the event that he doesn’t sign a new contract with the company.