Hulk Hogan On LA Knight: “He Is Ready To Be Launched To The Next Level”

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan recently spoke with SportsKeeda on a number of topics including top WWE star LA Knight.

Hogan said, “I’m just getting on his role. I see no holes in his boat. He has got things pretty well covered. It’s just getting a program with the right guy to get him over to that next level. He is ready to be launched. They need to launch him big time. They just need to find the right opponent for him.”

On Logan Paul:

“I think he’s beyond talented….He’s really figured it out. I really haven’t followed him enough to see psychology-wise [whether] he’s there, but my God, what a talent this guy is, and with him and LA Knight, if they put their heads together, this could be a lot of fun to watch.”

You can check out Hogan’s comments in the video below.