Internal Reaction To Vince McMahon Resigning From TKO

(Photo Credit: TKO)

As previously reported, Vince McMahon has resigned from all of his roles at TKO, including TKO Executive Chairman and TKO Board of Directors, forever altering the business landscape.

This follows a lawsuit filed by a former WWE employee alleging his involvement in a sex trafficking and abuse scandal. Following the news, social media users and employees have reacted.

According to PWInsider, the internal reaction is “happiness” and “relief” because most people believe McMahon received what he deserved as a result of the lawsuit allegations. Slim Jim has pulled their sponsorship from the Royal Rumble within the last 24 hours, citing all of the recent news.

Those in the company expected McMahon’s resignation, but they didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

According to the report, one source claimed that McMahon was “a black cloud hanging over everything even though he wasn’t involved in anything,” McMahon’s position in the company after Triple H was given complete creative control was viewed as more of a “ceremonial” role.