International Star Giulia Cleared To Compete In Upcoming Marigold Match

Tokyo Sports reports that international star Giulia has been cleared to compete in an upcoming match at a Marigold event. Marigold owner Rossy Ogawa tells the publication that Giulia’s doctor has given her the green light.

The report also noted that the press conference on Friday, July 12th, will provide more details on Giulia’s recovery.

Giulia is expected to join the NXT brand soon, but there was reportedly a little bit of hope for her to compete at this past Sunday’s NXT Heatwave, although her injury delayed those plans.

The Marigold event set to take place on Saturday, July 13 will also feature WWE star IYO SKY’s return to Japan for the first time in six years, where she will face Utami Hayashishita in a singles match.