Is A Heel Turn For Liv Morgan The Best Move For The WWE Women’s Division?

(Photo Credit: WWE)

When Liv Morgan first signed with WWE in 2014, WWE knew they had struck gold. Throughout her career, Morgan has shown why she’s a reliable wrestler who can play any part thrown at her very well. Whether it be in the Riott Squad, or as Lana’s long-lost lover, Morgan has shown she excels in just about any situation.

Fast forward to this year, Liv Morgan returned to the Royal Rumble at #30 to thunderous applause from the WWE Universe. After eliminating Jade Cargill and Zoey Stark, she was the runner-up for the second year in a row. Bayley, unfortunately, had Morgan’s number and threw her out last to win the Royal Rumble.

On Monday night, we saw a bit of a tease for Liv Morgan. During her match with Nia Jax, Becky Lynch came out and beat the hell out of Jax, costing Morgan the match. This would make Morgan irate and she would even go on to confront Lynch in the backstage area. So, is a change of attitude and a heel turn in the cards for Liv Morgan, and is it the right move?

Is it time for a Liv Morgan heel turn?

For quite some time, Morgan has been a fan favorite. It’s been close to five years since the WWE has seen a more vicious side of Morgan. Looking back on those past five years, Morgan has accomplished a nice amount, including a Women’s Money in the Bank victory, and a Smackdown Women’s Championship run.

However, unfortunately, this run would not last nearly as long as it should have. Three months after she won the Smackdown Women’s Championship, she would drop it to Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules 2022. Since then, she has been the runner-up twice in the Royal Rumble and held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships twice with Raquel Rodriguez.

Unfortunately for Morgan, the attitude she has had the past five years got her a lot of love and admiration from the crowd, but it hasn’t translated over to championships and accomplishments. Aside from her few, very short, runs. Morgan has spent the majority of the time chasing the belt, and being the “second best.”

Liv Morgan is one of the most talented women on the entire roster. She has the look, and all of the potential in the world to do great things. A heel turn could be best suited for her because it truly makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Everything that I just stated above could be used as ammo for Morgan, and she can finally TAKE what she is OWED.

A heel Liv Morgan could be a big fresh start for one of the top women in the WWE. Morgan’s heel turn could take place after WrestleMania 40 and should start with Becky Lynch. It’s time Morgan is treated like the star she should be treated like, and a heel turn could truly set Morgan up with a lot of success in the future, just ask Drew McIntyre.

Is it time for her to leave this nice girl gimmick behind? Is it time for her to show a different, more dangerous side? What do you think?

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