Is Cody Rhodes The Face Of WWE?

(Photo Credit: WWE)

It is rare in the modern era of wrestling, to have an ultimate Babyface—a person who stands up for all that is good and who kids can look up to.

For the longest time, it was John Cena in WWE. And while there have been some Babyfaces and fan favorites before him, no one else entirely delivered what it means to be a role model like he did.

Other than the ‘Attitude Era,’ WWE has always prided itself as a family-friendly show. It is a show kids can watch and cheer for their favorite wrestlers.

Since his return to WWE, Cody Rhodes has filled that role as the ultimate Babyface. It’s a role that has been void since John Cena left and started working a part-time/special appearance schedule.

Rhodes’s connection with all the fans, especially the younger fans, has been remarkable. With the pictures taken, autographs signed, and acknowledgments to fans he makes on Twitter, Rhodes always takes the time to let the fans know he cares.

In a recent interview with SI, Rhodes states,” the question I keep asking myself is, ‘Who is the face of the place?’ That’s what I want. That’s another level I need to attain.”

Roman Reigns has had a historic run with the championship that we should ‘Acknowledge’; however, his work is still part-time. And while Seth Rollins has done a fantastic job being a workhorse of a champion, it’s hard to argue that the Babyface people come to see and want to see is Cody Rhodes.

So, while Rhodes asks the question: ‘Who is the face of the place?’ The answer seems pretty clear: it’s already him. It’s not a level he needs to attain because he has already attained it!

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