Ivar Discusses His Singles Run In WWE, Fans Being Surprised By His Work

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Ivar recently spoke with Fightful on a number of topics including his singles run so far in the company.

Ivar said, “It’s really exciting. I think I talked a lot about when we got hired, we got hired as a package deal. So I’ve always expected that we were just going to do tag stuff the whole time we were in WWE. I started wrestling in 2001. So I did a bunch of stuff as a singles wrestler before. But when we got hired, we were a tag team. All those goals I had when I was younger as a singles wrestler just pushed way in the back of my head ‘cause I wasn’t thinking about it. Now all of a sudden, he gets hurt and I get this opportunity, I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah. I’m a singles wrestler. I can do this.’ It’s exciting to see the fans now be like, ‘Oh, wow. He is a singles wrestler.’”

On fans being surprised by his singles work:

“It’s really, really, really exciting. It’s exciting for me, it’s exciting for them. It’s also like, ‘Oh, wow, they haven’t seen this. I know what I can do, but they haven’t seen what I can do. None of it. Oh, man.’ So I just love going to the ring every week and hopefully surprising people, turning some heads.”

You can check out Ivar’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)