Jerry Lawler Believes His Career “Has Probably Ended With The WWE”

According to previous reports, WWE declined to renew Jerry “The King” Lawler’s broadcast contract.

While speaking with, Lawler commented on the situation.

“It’s been quite a bit of controversy there about my health. I’ve had some health problems going back about seven months now. I had a stroke spent some time getting over that and But I feel like now I feel like it feels like a good time to get back out on the road again a bit. So that’s what I’m starting off with this big event in Evansville. Day to day, physically for me is feeling good. Getting around my house, everything’s fine and dandy, but just the little things that that I take me longer to do some things than I used to But as far as look and feel I feel and feel as good as I ever did.”

“One other thing that a lot of people wonder about, my career has probably ended with the WWE and that’s it’s just one of those things that goes with my getting over with all the stuff that happened with the stroke and it was my, my just sitting behind a desk and doing it commentating on a match again was the extremely difficult.”