Jim Ross Addresses Dark Order Criticism and The Young Bucks – Twitter

During his recent podcast, Jim Ross discussed the ending of AEW Dynamite from December 18th and the Young Bucks leaving Twitter due to fan negativity. Here are the highlights:

On the Young Bucks leaving Twitter due to toxicity: “They didn’t deserve that. Come on, those kids didn’t deserve that. They worked their ass off. They’re dedicated to the brand, they sacrificed some of their own clout, if you wanna say that, or their own being over by putting other people over. Then they get bitched at because they’re putting too many people over. And if they weren’t getting beat, then they’d be selfish because ’cause they’re not putting anybody over. It’s like a cat chasing its tail. There’s no conclusion, none whatsoever, to this scenario. But apparently people that do this, Conrad — this is only my personal take, I may be wrong — have lonely-ass lives. Most of them seem to be poor, miserable bastards with nothing else to think about, to invest their life in. Especially here at the holidays, than a very poorly executed piece of business in a wrestling ring.”

On the criticism people in AEW got over the Dark Order segment on Dynamite: “It’s as if we’ve created this amazing sin that can never be duplicated. Hey look, man. Since the ’70s, how many matches you think I’ve called that were the absolute drizzling s**ts? Every brand with some big names — you ain’t gotta be an unknown under a mask to s**t the bed. You know, I knew that the crowd did not go crazy on how we went off the air, because I was in the arena. And you can feel those things. If you’ve done it long enough, you can feel a lot of things of the crowd, and their body English and the noise they make and their facial expressions. There’s stories being told that’s great market research for all of us to pay attention to. But I never knew how bad that one piece of business was until it was everywhere. And a lot of people wanted to really make sure that I really saw it. As if I could go back in time or fix it, or I could pile on. It was poorly-executed, folks. And hopefully nothing like that will ever occur again. And I know everybody that has some ability to change things in AEW are well aware of it. So you know, I don’t know what to say other than, if I had not seen that clip that went viral as you mentioned, Conrad, I would not have known just how bad it was.”

On the segment itself: “So hey, not a great way to — not an ideal way you want to go off the air. But god dang man, come on, folks. I love what we do. I’m a pro wrestling guy through and through. More than most folks would ever imagine or ever dream. And maybe more than I should be sometimes, quite frankly. I should diversify my life as well. But I’m not on Twitter hiding behind the keyboard, being a big badass or self-professed wrestling expert. ‘And here’s what they should do. I’ll talk about this on my podcast. Here’s what we’ll suggest.’ Okay well, whatever. I wonder if those guys that are doing that are actually suggesting these ideas to the right people in AEW, or if they’re just broadcasting their own s**t so they can get some clicks. I don’t know that. Anybody know the answer to that? I don’t know.”

On AEW improving from that moment: “So I think that everything people saw can be fixed. I’m as excited about this brand as I’ve ever been. I know we’re gonna be just fine. I truly believe that, Conrad. It’s not just me bulls**ting. I’m 67 years old with a three-year contract. You do the math. I’m on the back nine, baby. And I ain’t planning on going out the back nine less than what I want. And what I feel, what I need. So we’re gonna be fine. It’s gonna take some time. So the question is, how much time? I don’t know. I don’t know that answer. It could, I think in a year from now we’ll be able to see a lot of things change, a lot of different faces in different roles. New talents coming in. But it’s a hard act to balance to keep your incumbents so to speak over, while getting other talents over. So it’s a hell of a deal. But we’ll be fine, I really believe that. And I was embarrassed to see what I saw. Did I like it? Hell no, I didn’t like it. Who could like it? For God’s sake. So I’ll just admit to all of you. I thought it was the drizzling s**ts. So that’ll be your buzzwords to get your clicks on your websites. ‘JR Says [that segment] On AEW Was the Drizzling S**ts.’ And you won’t mention this, but the drizzling s**ts can be cured. They won’t mention it, I guarantee you. Because they don’t have the balls.”