Jim Ross Discusses Logan Paul’s WWE Performances

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently spoke on his podcast, “Grilling JR,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including his thoughts on United States champion Logan Paul’s performances in WWE:

“I don’t know who, behind the scenes, is coaching him, working with him. I don’t know. But, he’s pretty extraordinary, for someone who has had twelve matches and performs at the level he has.”

“He’s in great shape, he takes amazing bumps, he’s easy to dislike. I’m a Logan Paul fan, I think they’ve got a keeper. The fact that he’s not wrestling every week on Raw or SmackDown is probably very, very smart, inadvertently maybe, I don’t know, but it’s very smart that he’s not being over-exposed. Hell of a performer, I’ll tell you that. He’s a hell of a performer.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

(quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)