John Cena Has Been Overtaken By Cody Rhodes In Merchandise Numbers

Cody Rhodes has developed a strong fan following. Despite The Rock’s hiatus, show attendance remains high, and merchandise sales are higher than they have been in decades.

Dave Meltzer discussed Rhodes’ popularity on Wrestling Observer Radio over the weekend, and business numbers indicate that he is the most popular babyface since the Attitude Era, when Stone Cold Steve Austin had record numbers.

Meltzer stated, “Cody Rhodes outside of the ring is everything. Like he is one of the best babyfaces they’ve ever had and he’s drawing like it too. Look, his numbers are bigger than Cena’s. I mean that would make him the biggest most successful babyface since the Austin-Rock era”

Fightful Select previously reported that an internal memo was issued in April. According to the memo, Cody sold more than $1 million in merchandise during WrestleMania weekend, breaking his own record from last year.