Kacy Catanzaro Talks About Her Hiatus From WWE

In an interview with WWE, Kacy Catanzaro talked about her hiatus from the company. Here are some quotes from her interview:

“Being away the last few months it’s been crazy, it’s been weird. A little bit normal like I never left and then a little surreal to be back here. A lot has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that Kayden is still by my side so that’s good.”

“I know that this is really difficult to get into. This is people’s dream since they’re born, but for me it wasn’t what I always wanted to do. I had my own path through. I had gymnastics. I had American Ninja Warrior. Those were my kinda forever dreams and I think that coming into something new like this it is fair that you have moments when you’re not sure. I think physically and mentally I needed to step away.”