Trick Williams On What Teaming With Carmelo Hayes Did For Him And His Career

WWE NXT Champion Trick Williams recently appeared on an episode of WWE’s The Bump, where he talked about a number of topics including what teaming with Carmelo Hayes did for him and his career.

William said, “Everything, man. That rapport, y’all saw the way the whole arena was jumping. That’s because I have a rapport with that audience. They’ve seen me grow for three years almost, and that all started being alongside Carmelo Hayes. When I first got there, Carmelo was the man. He just won the Breakout Tournament, and it was my job to make Carmelo Hayes look as good as possible. I took my job very seriously.”

On how he approached the role:

“By doing that, the harder I went for Carmelo Hayes, the more people got to see me, like, ‘I kind of like this guy.’ It just all worked in my favor. It wasn’t intentional, I was just doing my job, trying to help Carmelo Hayes. Me doing my job so hard really helped me build that rapport with that audience, and here we are today.”

On headlining NXT Stand & Deliver with Hayes:

“We made history and we broke records all in the same night. And the thing is, nobody saw this coming. Nobody knew that Trick Williams was going to rise to the occasion. Like, I just had a plan right here. And as great as the moment is, to have that with the man I used to call my brother, I hate to have it end like this but it is what it is. And it’s cool that in the history books when it goes down, they’re gonna say, ‘Hey, who had the biggest attendance ever in an NXT match? They’re gonna say, ‘Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes,’ until the next PLE.”

You can check out Williams’ comments in the video below.

(H/T to for transcribing the above quotes)