Kenny King Comments On Potentially Signing With WWE

(Photo Credit: Impact)

Former IMPACT Wrestling star Kenny King recently appeared on an episode of the Developmentally Speaking podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including potentially signing with WWE.

King said, “I think in-ring, I think that I might be too old, not might be, there’s been meetings about me and I’m too old, so that’s fine, I feel like that’s kind of insane, because everybody knows that pro wrestlers only hit their prime and get better at a certain age, but I feel like WWE is if you haven’t been here by a certain time, I mean look at what they tried to do to LA Knight.”

“LA Knight and I were supposed to go in at the same time, I was at that time making way too much money at Ring Of Honor to want to go and sign a developmental contract, but it worked out for him, but even then he’s had to become undeniable. They tried to make him a manager, they changed his name, they took away everything that made him him until he left them absolutely no choice, so it’s kind of a silly mentality that they have there, but you never know, things can happen.”

“When my in-ring career is done, there’s always a whole host of possibilities and things that could happen, but as far as that’s concerned, I guess I’m too old to wrestle for WWE, which is fine. I’m not too old to wrestle anywhere, that’s the beauty of pro wrestling, one man’s old guy is another guy’s superstar.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.