Kenta Kobashi Says Meiko Satomura Got Permission From WWE To Compete At Fortune Dream 9

Japanese pro wrestling legend Kenta Kobashi recently spoke with Tokyo Sports on a number of topics including how WWE star Meiko Satomura got permission from the company in order to compete on his upcoming Fortune Dream 9 show.

Kobashi said, “She is the person who is the most important point of this card.” “Since she has signed a contract with WWE, it was originally difficult for her to participate.”

“However, under such circumstances, she directly appealed to me, saying, ‘I want to appear in Fortune Dream.’ She said she really wanted to appear. WWE also understood that enthusiasm and gave her the OK. I was glad. I thought that they could relate to her enthusiasm. I want people to never give up, even when things get tough. I want people to feel the spirit of never giving up from Satomura-san.”