Kevin Nash On LA Knight: ‘I Didn’t Know Who The F–K You Were And I Apologized’

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke on his podcast, “Kliq This,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including following up on talking about LA Knight:

“Well, one thing I’ve got to say is, four or five years ago, man, I thought wrestling was gonna die. I was just like, God, every show is bad. Then RAW started getting better. I’ve just never been a SmackDown guy. We didn’t have Smackdown and when I went back, I was rarely on it. I was always a RAW guy, so I just watch RAW. That’s the show I watch. That’s the show I watch every week. I watch NXT probably the second most of anything, and now that they’re doing where they’re sending RAW guys down to NXT, now it’s got my interest because I’m trying to see who they’re giving a rub to and that they’re probably going to bring up to the main roster.”

“Kevin Dunn has always been so far above everybody else from a production standpoint. There were a lot of people that were saying, and we talked about it, does Vince have his hands in creative and things like that, and it’s like, I watched the show. I just said, ‘Am I the only one that sees like a better continuity going from match to interview’, like, it just seemed like things are clicking.”

“If LA Knight, if the people, if he’s the chosen one, if he’s the people’s champion, then he’s the people’s champion, it doesn’t fu**ing matter to me. If his segments do a number and that fu**ing helps the WWE, which I’m a stockholder, and it makes my buddy, fu**ing Paul’s life easier, than fu**, get over dude. It was just one of those things where I don’t watch SmackDown, so dude, I didn’t know who the fu** you were and I apologized. But some of us that are in professional wrestling actually watch sports, watch film, occasionally read a book. I do other things besides watch wrestling. There’s 394 hours of wrestling on television a week. I just can’t do it.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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