Kevin Owens On CM Punk: “We’re Not Each Other’s Type Of People”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Ever since CM Punk rejoined the WWE at Survivor Series in November of last year, fans have been curious about how he would get along with specific stars.

During an interview with the Gorilla Position podcast, Kevin Owens was asked about his relationship with CM Punk, following his previous comments about Punk and their apparent beef. He mentioned that they do not have a relationship.

“Well, we have no relationship. No, we’re not each other’s type of people, I don’t think. We’ll acknowledge each other. There’s a ten-foot vicinity that if we enter in, then we have to kinda ‘Hey. Hi.’ Otherwise, we just don’t, and it’s fine. It’s perfectly fine.”

When asked if he had noticed a change in Punk since his return to WWE, he said yes, as some have.

“I don’t know that, and I don’t care, to be honest. I am who I am. He is who he is, and it’s fine that way.”

WrestleMania 40 – Night 2 will feature a triple threat match between WWE United States Champion Logan Paul, Owens, and Randy Orton. Owens also discussed working the match, his admiration for Orton, and more.

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