La Knight Attacked by Mysterious Figure During WWE SmackDown (Video)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The LA Knight appears to be in serious trouble.

During Friday’s WWE SmackDown, Knight was seen leaving the arena. Knight stated that he is not afraid of Bray Wyatt. A mysterious masked figure appeared in the darkness behind him as he spoke.

Following the commercial break, Knight was seen lying down backstage beneath a pile of furniture. All of this occurred following an in-ring segment in which Knight slapped Wyatt twice after teasing that they would shake hands.

Wyatt is clearly being positioned as a top babyface and he’s listed as a face internally. Michael Cole sided with Wyatt, claiming that Knight inquired about what happened to him.

It appears that Knight was attacked by Wyatt, or it is also possible that the attack was carried out by someone else associated with Wyatt.

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