Matt Riddle On The Latest Vince McMahon Allegations, Talks People Making Passes At Female Talent

NJPW World TV Champion Matt Riddle recently spoke with Ariel Helwani on a number of topics including the latest allegations made against Vince McMahon.

Riddle said, “Some of the things I’ve read are pretty disturbing, if true. At the same time, I’ve read the texts, which can be considered kind of disturbing, in a way. The hard part for me with all this is….it’s a finicky area. It seems like he ends up in these situations. There are always large sums of money involved. I don’t know. I have no idea.”

He also talked about how he saw certain people make passes at female talents.

“I’ve never heard anything about Vince. I’ve seen certain people, I’m not going to mention names, I’ve seen certain people make passes at certain female talent by saying, ‘Come to my locker room’ or that creepy kind of thing. The woman I talked to didn’t go and was above that. She’s a stallion and was like, ‘I’m not doing that.’ Like, ‘Here’s my number; come to my locker room.’ That’s where it ended, but it could have escalated, and if that person was in fear of their job or wasn’t as over as they are, they probably would have gone there because ‘what am I supposed to do?’ Damn, I probably would have went there, ‘I just need the job.”

You can check out Riddle’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)