Maxxine Dupri Looks Back On Being Introduced To WWE Through Total Divas

WWE star Maxxine Dupri recently appeared on an episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet, where she talked about a number of topics including applying to the company.

Dupri said, “I Googled how to apply, and applied a couple of times and then never heard anything. And then I ended up reaching out to my modeling agency. Two weeks later I got an email that I had the Las Vegas tryout.”

On being introduced to the company through Total Divas:

“I literally didn’t know that was the same thing that I watched. We would have this fun bonding moment talking about all that.”

On her WWE audition promo:

“I was a former NFL cheerleader, went to the Super Bowl -– lost. Former NBA dancer, went to the NBA finals –- lost. And that I’m done leaving my championships in the hands of men who cannot get the job done and that’s why I was coming to WWE: to take my own championship.”

You can check out Dupri’s comments in the video below.