Michael Tarver Recalls Walking Into A WWE SmackDown TV Taping And Getting A Tryout

Former WWE star Michael Tarver recently spoke with Developmentally Speaking on a number of topics including walking into a WWE SmackDown taping unannounced and getting a tryout.

Tarver said, “I just walked right in. Of course, that’ll never happen again, but I walked in, got in the ring, tried out, was immediately pulled out (…) where he sent me to OVW.”

On his time in OVW before going to FCW:

“It was a lot of fun. Very competitive. Fun times. A lot of guys that went on to become world champions and big superstar were all there, you know, and I got to learn from them and work with them; made some friends. And it was a great time, it was an exciting time.”

You can check out Tarver’s comments in the video below.