Mike Bailey Reveals His TNA Contract Will Expire This Year, Discusses His Current Schedule

TNA star “Speedball” Mike Bailey recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso on a number of topics including how his contract with the company will expire this year, but he is doing everything he can to make the most of his time and he wants to win every title.

Bailey said, “I’m making the most out of every opportunity given. This is my contract year. I’m doing everything I can to make the most of my time. I’m glad I’m in a tag team right now–Speedball Mountain–with Trent Seven. I want those tag titles. I want every title.”

On his schedule:

“I don’t keep track [of how many matches I wrestle] anymore. I know I did 12 matches on WrestleMania weekend. And I’m not looking to slow down.”

On still not yet having what he thinks is his breakthrough moment:

“I feel like I’ve had breakthrough moments my entire career. You still see the biggest stars in wrestling having breakthrough moments. Nic Nemeth is a fantastic example. He was doing one thing for many, many years, and now he’s doing something completely different. I haven’t accomplished anywhere near what I want to do. While I love what I’m doing right now–it’s very fulfilling–it’s only one-tenth of what I plan on doing.”

On not taking part in this year’s Best of the Super Juniors in NJPW:

“I would have loved to have gone back, but ultimately TNA is my home right now, and they make those decisions. Best of the Super Juniors is a celebration of the junior heavyweight style of pro wrestling, and I think it mirrors the time I spent as X Division champ quite well. The goal is to have great matches filled with action and conflict in the ring, and Best of Super Juniors is an excellent place to do that. I love the tournament format, I love when wins and losses add up and mean something. So last year was a highlight for me.”