MJF Recalls Contacting The Late Great Brodie Lee Through A Medium

AEW star MJF spoke with the company on a number of topics including how Brodie Lee acted backstage and how he attempted to contact him through a medium.

MJF said, “This is a cool one. July 1st, Champ Sports, they’re coming out with a Brodie Lee Exalted One pair of kicks. I’m not a sneakerhead. I’m more of a dress shoe guy myself. But an opportunity to talk about Brodie Lee here is an opportunity that I welcome. For the period of time that I did work with him, he was a massive human being. I don’t mean that in size, I mean that in heart and soul and spirit. When he walked into a room, you noticed him. He was just a genuinely down-to-earth, dare I say, salty-earth person. If there’s one story I’d want to talk about, and it’s a zany one. After my grandfather had passed, which is around a similar time to Brody’s passing, I had went to… Oh, gosh. What do they call them when you talk to people that talk to people on the other side? A medium, which I didn’t believe in whatsoever. I’m talking to the medium, and they’re saying stuff about my grandfather that they couldn’t possibly have known, and they’re telling me how my grandfather is on the other side, and it was honestly really… It was both enlightening and it made me feel good, and before I left, they said… ‘Whoa, there’s this big individual that has just walked into the room, he’s got a big scraggly beard, and he said he needs you to send a message to his wife.’ and I’m like, who the hell is this? The medium looks at me and goes, ‘his wife’s name is Amanda. Amanda Huber.’ So immediately, I’m freaked out, right? The medium starts talking to me, and I can tell she’s speaking the way that Brody used to speak with me, very tongue-in-cheek, kind of ribbing me and at the end, he says, ‘can you please send this message to my wife?’ I’m not going to say what the message is. That’s between them. But I was, you know, obviously pretty spooked. I walk up to Amanda at TV the next week, and I tell her this insane story. Her eyes start welling up because she was searching for this message. She had got her answer that day. So even in the afterlife, Brody really loved and cared about his wife and kids. So for us to have the opportunity to be able to honor a man who was so powerful on this plane of existence and outside of this plane of existence, this is really cool, and I’m super stoked to put on these kicks.”

You can check out MJF’s comments below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)