MLW Fusion Results – July 5, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – July 5, 2023

Kicking off this week’s Fusion with Mister Saint Laurent sang while Microman made his entrance. MSL claimed that it was Microman Day in Philadelphia. MSL tried to lead the crowd in singing Microman’s song.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. enters the ring and shook Microman’s hand then all a sudden Smith kicks Microman over. Smith hoisted up Microman and put him down with a Bulldog Powerslam but MSL begs off. Smith teased hitting and then smiles.

Smith & MSL both laughed and then hug one another. MSL labels Microman as an insult to the sport. Smith pressed Microman over his head and tosses him onto The Mane Event & some referees who had gathered at ringside Willie Mack was there and he carries Microman to the back.

Middleweight Title Match
Akira (c) vs. Lince Dorado

Lince Dorado was on the offensive to start and he did a baseball slide kick to send Akira to the floor then Dorado hits a dive over the top rope onto Akira.

Dorado threw punches at Akira at ringside before tossing him back inside the ring. Dorado performed a corkscrew dive on Akira and then covered him for a two count heading into a commercial break.

After the break Akira came back and made a play for Dorado’s mask before tying him up in the tree of woe. Dorado dropkicks Akira to knock him loose. Akira toys with Dorado and then worked him over in front of a smirking Raven.

Akira hits a backbreaker then he went for a suplex but Dorado landed on his feet and then flipped into a neckbreaker. Dorado hits a pair of moonsaults from the middle rope. Dorado went up top and went for another but Akira put his boot up.

Akira puts Dorado down with a deadlift German suplex and got a near fall. Akira waits for Dorado to stand up and then hit him with a couple of Helluva Kicks then Dorado blocks a 3rd kick and performed a handspring into a Stunner. Dorado puts Akira down with a brainbuster and plays to the crowd.

Dorado went for another handspring Stunner but this time Akira yanks his mask off. Dorado covered his face. Akira threw a running knee at Dorado & it gets a two count.

Dorado continued to cover his face while countering a move into a pin as Dorado reaches for the mask Akira hits him from behind & nails Death Penalty to get the win.

Winner & Still Middleweight Champion: Akira (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)

The broadcast team said MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone was scheduled to be at the media podium but he had not arrived yet.

The 2nd part of the expose on the Bomaye Fight Club aired. Joe Dombrowski narrated the video and listed Conrad Thompson, Jim Cornette, Queen Latifah & Dixie Carter as candidates to be revealed as the mystery benefactor behind Bomaye Fight Club. Dombrowski said the investigation revealed that none of four are the benefactor. He hypes that the mystery person would be revealed at Never Say Never.

Mance Warner tried to give 1 Called Manders and Matthews Justice white board instructions on how he and Manders would win the World Tag Team Titles. His plan consisted of putting Juicy Finau through a table.

After the break Dombrowski announces that Taya Valkyrie was fined $2,500 and suspended 1 week for attacking Featherweight Champion Delmi Exo.

The cameras cut back to the press room where no one was at the podium. Dombrowski questioned what was happening with Alex Hammerstone & he was scheduled to meet with the media.

We get The Calling video aired with Rickey Shane Page talking while Middleweight Champion Akira & Mandy Leon stood on opposite sides of him. Page spoke of taking Jacob Fatu’s National Openweight Title then clips of Raven sound bytes were included.

Billie Starkz vs. Mandy Leon

Mandy Leon took offensive control and brought Billie Starkz to the floor then Leon sets up for a suplex but Starkz reversed it before Starkz suplexes Leon onto her knee for a two count.

Starkz sold knee pain and then went up top then one of the gas mask henchmen grabs her leg in front of the referee & he scolded the henchman while another threw her to the mat before Leon connects with a Raven Effect DDT to get the win.

Winner: Mandy Leon

MLW World Champion Alex Hammerstone delivers a promo & Hammerstone spoke of setting records for MLW World Title defenses and took issue with Alex Kane referring to him as a placeholder. Hammerstone said that he and Kane followed similar paths.

Hammerstone said they both won the National Openweight Title. Hammerstone points out that he held the National Openweight Title for over 6 months. He said the both won Battle Riot and then added that he did it without help every step of the way. Hammerstone said Kane won’t take his spot…

They replayed Ava Everett’s promo challenging Delmi Exo to a Title vs. Title match.

2023 Battle Riot Winner Alex Kane & Mr. Thomas delivered a promo then Kane referred to Hammerstone as Roid Boy. Thomas said it’s Major League Wrestling not Major League Bodybuilding. Kane said Hammerstone isn’t a king whereas he has always been the truth

World Tag Team Titles Hardcore Match
Samoan Swat Team (Juicy Finau & Lance Anao’i) (c) vs. 2nd Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Mance Warner) 

Both teams grabs chairs then Mance Warner threw his chair at the head of Juicy Finau then other wrestlers threw their chairs at the heads of their opponents.

Both teams quickly went to ringside. Finau slams a chair over the back of Warner and then 1 Called Manders slams a chair over the back of Lance Anoa’i. Warner pokes Finau in the eyes. Manders works over Anoa’i with chops. Warner grabs a chair and slams it over the back of Finau.

After the break the ringside brawling continued coming out of the break then a couple of wrestlers grabs beers from the fans at threw them at one another. Manders threw another chair that Finau took to the head without putting his hands up.

Anoa’i pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring and slid it inside the ring where a smaller ladder and a table were set up. Anoa’i climbs the tall ladder while Finau places Warner on the table.

Warner blasts Finau over the head with unprotected chair shot and then hits him over the back with additional shots. Warner threw a chair at Anoa’i then climbs the other side of the ladder and shoves Anoa’i off and into the smaller ladder that was propped up in the corner.

Manders blasts Finau with 2 more shots to the head then Finau battles back and places Manders on top of a table. Finau went to the ropes but Warner cut him off with chair shots to his arm.

Warner climbs up behind Finau and then rode his back while he splashed Manders through the table to get the win.

Winners & Still World Tag Team Champions: Samoan Swat Team (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!)

After the match The Calling’s theme plays & they ran in and attacks Samoan Swat Team & 2nd Gear Crew. Finau clears The Calling from the ring and threw a chair and a ladder at them while Dombrowski delivered a final push for Never Say Never.

A Never Say Never video air to close out this week’s Fusion.

Never Say Never Card (July 8th)

MLW World Title Match
Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. 2023 Battle Riot Winner Alex Kane

World Tag Team Titles Fans Brings The Weapons Match
Samoan Swat Team (Juicy Finau & Lance Anao’i) (c) vs. The Calling (Middleweight Champion Akira & Ricky Shane Page)

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tracy Williams

National Openweight Title Match
Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Calvin Tankman

Winner Takes All Match
Delmi Exo (Featherweight) vs. Ava Everett (WXW Women’s)

Country Whipping Match
Sam Adonis vs. Mance Warner