MLW Fusion Results – November 9, 2023

MLW Fusion Results – November 9, 2023

Kicking off this week’s Fusion with  an announcement that at Fightland we’ll get a rematch between The Calling & 2nd Gear Crew in a Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Titles.

Griffin McCoy vs. Tracy Williams

Match starts off with a lock up then traded arm wringers and escapes with Trick Williams getting the better of the mat wrestling as he takes things down to the mat. Griffin McCoy with an ankle pick and tries to work the leg of Williams but Williams escapes then hits a takedown and stomps on the leg of McCoy.

Now Williams goes to work on the leg but McCoy kicks him off then Williams with some pinning situations then he winds up grabbing a side headlock. McCoy escapes the headlock and kicks the arm of Williams then hits an arm wringer takedown. Williams with a chop then a back suplex and a chancery suplex to follow up.

Some strikes from Williams but he can’t hit a throw as his arm is hurting before they do some rope running and McCoy lands a high kick to drop Williams then more kicks from McCoy then he tries a half and half suplex but can’t finish it and has to settle for another kick to the back. Williams starts to fire up then he lands a chop then another back suplex.

Corner chops from Williams then a back elbow before he climbs the ropes but McCoy with a gamengiri and they fight on the ropes but Williams with a modified DDT that drops McCoy face first onto the top rope then a cross legged shin breaker follows then a dragon screw from Williams.

Williams grabs an STF after that as McCoy tries for the ropes but Williams grabs a Crippler Crossface instead but McCoy does get to the ropes anyway and force the break.

McCoy fights off a Piledriver and they start trading strikes before Williams counters a Sunset Kick with an Ankle Lock but he’s able to kick free.

Williams wants a Piledriver but Griffin accidentally kicks the ref then while the ref can’t see he hits Williams with a low blow. Griffin follows that with a half and half suplex then Sunset Kick to get the win.

Winner: Griffin McCoy

We get a get a quick recap of some of the shenanigans from last week.

Mr. Saint Laurent talks next. He’s got big plans for Fightland that he’ll unveil later tonight, but warns that there are receipts coming to Jacob Fatu for stealing Matt Cardona’s car. He’s a man of wealth and taste, he doesn’t deal with thugs and savages like Fatu and his people. There will be a new World Titan Federation logo revealed in a minute or two. He’s going to bring sports entertainment to MLW, wrestling only exists because comic books got too expensive for virgins and now he’s trying to elevate the scene away from them.

Non Title Match
Featherweight Champion Janai Kai vs. Riley Krowe

Janai Kai attacks at the bell with a side kick to the face then a few follow up punches on the ground before the ref jumps in and waves this off.

Winner By Referee Stoppage: Featherweight Champion Janai Kai

After the match Kai & Salina De La Renta get an interview on the entrance stage but La Renta takes the mic from Sam Laterna and dismisses her. Salina puts over Kai Kai then gets the mic and just says kick demon.

We get a video from The Calling & World Tag Team Champion & National Openweight Champion Rickey Shane Page promises to turn Fightland into a Wasteland then calls Cannonball his weapon and promises the weak will be culled then he & Akira share some glares.

Back to commentary RSP runs up on them but 2nd Gear Crew show up Akira is here as well and both teams brawl for a bit as we go to a break.

After the break we go to the back where Sam Laterna interviews Middleweight Champion Rocky Romero. Rocky is happy to finally get a worthy opponent in the MLW ring in the form of Mascara Dorado, but he doesn’t have time for Ichiban and advises him to stay in his lane.

We get a Don King video & he remind us that Alex Kane will defend the MLW World Title at Fightland.

We get a One Shot update & it’s Rickey Shane Page will defend his National Openweight Title against Jimmy Lloyd.

Tom Lawlor talks in the back & he’s only been here for a minute but he’s already sick and tired of Alex Kane & the Bomaye clowns. He says any of them can come get a piece of him at the Fusion on Thanksgiving the leaders in sports entertainment will feast on Bomaye.

Tag Team Match
Bomaye Fight Club (O’Shay Edwards & Mr Thomas) vs. The Mane Event (Jay Lyons & Midas Black)

O’Shay Edwards wants Jay Lyons and gets him & they lock up but neither man can overpower the other. Some strikes now from Lyons then he avoids a back body drop.

Edwards flexes but gets low bridged while charging Lyons then Lyons knocks Edwards off the apron then Mr Thomas tries to get involved but Midas Black sends him out of the ring then holds the hoop open for Lyon to dive through onto Bomaye Fight Club.

Back in the ring Lyon gets a 1 count then Black tags in but Thomas with a blind tag before Edwards runs over The Mane Event. Thomas then tags in for some reason.

Lyons gets hit with an Oklahoma Stampede from Edwards then a Black Hole Slam from Thomas & that leaves Black alone to take an assisted powerbomb to get the win.

Winners: Bomaye Fight Club

In the back Mance Warner talks with 1 Called Manders trying to get him ready for the World Tag Team Titles Ladder Match. There’s a white board and Warner tries his best to illustrate how they want that World Tag Team Title match to go. They plan on hitting the pay window before The Calling attack again.

In the back Court Bauer officiates the contract signing for the MLW World Title match at Fightland but it immediately this turns into a brawl as we can see MSL laughing at the chaos to close out this week’s Fusion.

Fightland Card (Nov 18th)

MLW World Title Match
Alex Kane (c) vs. Jacob Fatu

Lucha Rules Tag Team Match
Middleweight Champion Rocky Romero & Barbaro Cavernario vs. Mascara Dorada & Ichiban

Loser Leaves MLW Match
Mance Warner vs. Matt Cardona

World Tag Team Titles Ladder Match
The Calling (National Openweight Champion Ricky Shane Page & Akira) (c) vs. 2nd Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice)

One Shot Card So Far (Dec 7th)

Miyu Yamashita vs. TBD

MLW World Title Match
Alex Kane or Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Matt Cardona*

National Openweight Title Match
Ricky Shane Page (c) vs. Jimmy Lloyd

*If Cardona loses his Loser Leaves MLW Match against Mance Warner at Fightland MSL gets to pick a new challenger