Montez Ford Shares His Thoughts On Possible Singles Run, Working With Bobby Lashley

WWE star Montez Ford recently spoke with Going Ringside on a number of topics including possibly having a singles run.

Ford said, “I feel like for myself and Dawkins, we have so much that we’re still trying to obtain as a tag team. But I will say, if that opportunity happens, and we just spoke of when it comes to the [WWE] draft, myself could be drafted to one show, he could be drafted to one show, so we both always talk about if the opportunity presents itself, like we’re going. But as of right now, we’re still together and we’re trying to win [the WWE Tag Team Championships]. We just won our number one contendership match last week, so the focus at hand is right there. So if I’m worried about being solo at this point, it might knock the focus off getting the WWE Tag Team Championships back.”

On working with Bobby Lashley:

“[The Street Profits] is the one thing I’ve done the entire time I’ve been in the WWE, so being transitioned to be with someone like Bobby is so cool. It’s like full circle for me because … when I was watching WWE coming up in middle school and high school, I was watching Bobby Lashley. I was watching his matches with John Cena and him competing for the United States Championship at the time. Then seeing how we had similar backgrounds from coming from the [military] service and then doing WWE. So he was always some someone I watched, idolized, and tried to take after. So now for us being now associated, part of that, it’s like a full circle for me.”

You can check out Ford’s comments in the video below.