News On Which WWE Divisions Were Hardest Hit By The Post-Endeavor Acquisition Layoffs

(Photo Credit: @mkslash1241)

As previously reported, layoffs are expected following WWE’s merger with UFC to form TKO. Mike Johnson of confirmed Jamie Horowitz, Catherine Newman, and Amanda Bloom as the first post-Endeavor acquisition executive departures on Friday morning.

More names were confirmed to have been let go by WWE on Friday afternoon. Among those leaving the company were Andy Levine (WWE Vice President, International & Platform Strategy), Kimberly Kirkegard (Brand Director), and Saverio Brighina (Affiliate Marketing Manager).

Johnson mentioned that the WWE Network and Podcasting divisions were both hit with layoffs. Layoffs were said to have been “pretty hard” on WWE’s Marketing division. There were also reported departures in the Live Events division.

Johnson said, “Among WWE employees, there has been talk that already 40-50 employees are gone, potentially more. I give that number with caution since there’s been a lot of information flowing and a lot of emotions among those involved and departing – we do not have a hard number at this time.”