Nic Nemeth’s (Dolph Ziggler) First Post-WWE Match Set For WWC Show In Puerto Rico This Month

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The Most Wanted Man, Nic Nemeth, will have his first match after his WWE exit against Puerto Rican legend, Ray González, at WWC, Puerto Rico:

WWC presents Euphoria, the largest independent event in Puerto Rico in the last decade. Saturday, January 20th at 7:00pm (ET) in Puerto Rico’s wrestling cathedral, the historic Pepín Cestero Arena at Bayamón.

Main Event: Former WWE’s Grand Slam Champion, The Most Wanted Man, Nic Nemeth, formerly known as Dolph Ziggler, in his first match on the independent circuit, collides with The Greatest of All Time in Puerto Rican wrestling, Mr. Rayting, Ray González.

For the WWC Universal Championship: On his 532nd day of reign, The number one ranked wrestler in Puerto Rico, The Puerto Rican Superhero, Intelecto Cinco Estrellas, defends against the NWA superstar, The Masterpiece, Chris Adonis, formerly known like Chris Masters in WWE, with Eddie “Alábalo” Colón (Primo Colon) in his corner.

For the Caribbean Championship: The Leader of the New Order, Xavant, defends against the current NWA and MLW superstar, The Indy God, Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE.

For the Puerto Rican Championship: The Precious One, Gilbert, defends against current AEW superstar, The Hollywood Hunk, Ryan Nemeth.

TLC Match for the WWC World Tag Team Championships: La Artillería Ilegal, Lightning & Chicano, defend against La Maldita Revolución, Julio Jiménez & Zcion RTOne.

For the WWC Television Championship: Second generation wrestler, Jovan, defends against The Hottest Act, Bryan Idol, directly from NWA.

The Crush, Natalia Markova, directly from the NWA with Stephanie Amalbert in her corner, clashes against La Guerrera, Amazona.

The Showman, Mike Nice vs The Dragon, Nihan.

Fatal 4-Way, for the WWC Junior Heavyweight Championship: La Promesa, Diego Luna (c) vs. Super Classic, Hijo del Enigma vs. El Informante vs. Brandon The Skater.

Tickets on sale at Rayting Mini Market in Mameyal at Dorado, Puerto Rico, and tickets will be on sale the same day of the event (January 20th, 2024) at the Pepín Cestero Arena starting at 3:00pm (ET). Available on PPV on FITE TV.