Paul Wight Recalls Funny WWE Angle With Eddie Guerrero

AEW personality Paul Wight recently spoke with Metro on a number of topics including a funny angle he had with Eddie Guerrero in the WWE, when he got sprayed by poo.

Wight said, “When you work with people that are genuinely that talented, if you just relax and open yourself and go with the jokes, it’s easy. It’s fun! And while you’re doing it, after you shoot it you’re dying laughing, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I just did that!’ How many times can I slip on the septic truck when I got sprayed? You have fun with it! That’s part of being an entertainer, sometimes the magic happens when you let your own inhibitions go and just relax and have fun with it, enjoy it.”

“He was just so charismatic and so funny. He was so charmingly funny on TV, Eddie was. Even when he was trying to cheat, he was charming about it. He had that natural charisma and he really understood his character and how to make his audience happy. He was such a pro to work with.”