Perry Saturn Recalls Having Issues With The Hardy Boys In WWE

(Photo Credit: INFLUX Pictures)

Former WWE and WCW star Perry Saturn appeared on an episode of the Wrestling Shoot Interviews, where he talked about a number of topics including the issues he had with The Hardy Boys in WWE.

Saturn said, “Actually, Matt Hardy — me and Dean had a huge problem with him too.” “[In] WWF, he went to Vince [McMahon] to complain that I was beating them up every night. They would … they were very tight with Michael Hayes and they would get together at night and set up the next day’s matches. Dean [Malenko] had more time in the ring than all of us, and both of us told [Matt], ‘Don’t do that,’ you know, ‘You got to let us f***ing in on what’s going.’”

“And I would tell him, ‘You got to give Dean the respect.’ To not tell him what we’re doing, you know … And they would do it and do it and do it and then that was it. Finally, Jeff, I’d bump all over the place for, Matt [would] come in, I cut him off, you know, and just it was not … they could have handled it better and so could have we.”

You can check out Saturn’s comments in the video below.