PROGRESS Wrestling – Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Preview & Predictions

PROGRESS Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16 (SSS16) tournament has become a hallmark event in the world of professional wrestling, showcasing the best talent from around the globe. Since its inception in 2015, the tournament has captivated audiences with its thrilling matches and provided a platform for emerging stars to shine on the wrestling scene.


Over the years, the SSS16 tournament has seen a diverse array of winners, each leaving their mark on the wrestling landscape:

  • 2015: Will Ospreay
  • 2016: Tommy End (now Aleister Black)
  • 2017: Travis Banks
  • 2018: Zack Sabre Jr.
  • 2019: David Starr
  • 2022: Chris Ridgeway
  • 2023: Kid Lykos

Winning the SSS16 tournament is more than just a victory; it’s a testament to the wrestler’s talent, dedication, and perseverance. The tournament provides a platform for wrestlers to showcase their abilities on a grand stage and opens doors to new opportunities within the wrestling world, and what is more, winning the tournament guarantees the victor a shot of at PROGRESS Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.

Across the end of May Bank Holiday weekend, the 2024 tournament takes place, happening at the Electric Ballroom, London on Sunday May 26th and Monday May 27th. With a line-up of fantastic home-grown talent and superb international wrestlers, this years tourney seems too hard to call, the hardest of any.

The confirmed participants are: KC Navarro, Shelton Benjamin, Gene Munny, Eddie Dennis, Connor Mills, Man Like Dereiss, Aigle Blanc, Mike Santana, Luke Jacobs, Kid Lykos II, Ricky Knight Jr, Mike D, Simon Miller, Leon Slater, TK Cooper, and Tate Mayfairs. 


As is apparent from the first round matches, this is anyone’s tournament as everyone has proven, both in a PROGRESS ring and arounf the world, that they can deliver.

However, we at PWMania – or, mainly me @leeseedub – are going to put our neck on the line by highlighting who we think will be the stand out performers and potential winners.

We’ve had the privilege to speak to Leon Slater and Man Like Dereiss over the last 12 months and, for us, we feel they have consistently proven why they are thought of so highly around the world.


The athletic ability of Slater has been marvelled at across every major UK promotion, so much so, Slater signed for TNA Wrestling and is showing what he can do. His frenetic, fast paced, high flying skill is akin to a young Will Ospreay. Quite simply, Slater has IT. If he can keep a pace over 4 big matches across 2 days, there’s no doubt Slater can do this and look to become PROGRESS World Champ by the end of 2024.


However, at the very same time, Man Like Dereiss has every attribute that can make 2024 his year. He is powerful, skilful, great on the mat and off the ropes which means across the 2 days, he can apply different styles to different match rounds. Can he do it? We would ask, would you bet against Dereiss doing it?

Honourable mentions go to Connor Mills and Tate Mayfairs.


Mills has shone since his early PROGRESS shows as a tag team wrestler. Wherever he has wrestled, with whoever, Mills shows up and has a fantastic array of high flying, and more importantly, hard-hitting moves. Mills has been in long matches, highlighting a stamina that is crucial to winning this tournament. He will put on a great show and is one to watch.


Tate Mayfairs. Well, what can we say about someone who has consistently worked hard across every aspect of the sport. He talks a lot, but he back it up, fighting anywhere, everywhere and anyhow the match rules see fit. A first round defeat to Ospreay last year was a tough blow for Tate, but we see him getting to at least the semi finals this year, and would not be at all surprised if his hand is raised at the end of Monday’s final.


So, there you have it from us at PWMania. The tournament should be the ONLY way a British Wrestling fan should spend their Bank Holiday Weekend and that’s before the 3 incredible title matches on show!

Kid Lykos will defend his title against an aggressive Mark Haskins

YOICHI put his ATLAS title on the line against Axel Tischer .

And Rhio defends her Women’s World Championship in a 4-way ladder match against Lizzy Evo, Kanji and Nina Samuels.


Quite simply, it’s an unmissable weekend.

Roll on SSS16. Grab your tickets here

Pictures: PROGRESS Wrestling